FAQ English


How do I access the app?
Once you opened the app there are 3 ways to access it:

  1. You can activate the app with an activation code and your costumer number you already have
  2. You can login with the credentials you already have
  3. You can register as a new client

For each of the 3 ways to enter the app there is a button on the main menu: “Activate App with Code” and “Login” behind the “Access” button and “Registration” behind the “Register” button.

What is the difference between activation and login?

When activating, you log into the app for the first time. You will need your customer number, the activation code and a valid e-mail address. You can get the customer number and the activation code from our team in the store or on your customer card application form.
When you log in, you have already successfully registered to the app and from then on you log in with your e-mail address and password.

How do I change my password?
Go to the menu “Settings/Profile” then “Profile” and “Change password”.

I have forgotten my password, what can I do?
Press “Access” on the main page. Then click on “Log in” and then “Forgot password?” below the “Login” button. In the following window, enter the e-mail address that you used to activate the app or registered as a new customer, and then click on “Request PIN”. You will then receive an e-mail with your PIN, which you can use to reassign your password in the following window.

I have forgotten my password and requested a PIN. Where do I enter it now?
Press “Access” on the main page, click on “Log in” and then on “Forgot password?” below the Login button. Now click on the button “Set new password here” in the window that opens. Enter the PIN and your e-mail address and set a new password.

I have forgotten my password and requested a PIN. But I have not received one. What to do?

  1. check your spam folder in your e-mail program, possibly the e-mail was classified as spam.
  2. make sure that you entered the correct e-mail address when you requested the PIN. It must be the same email address you used to activate the app or to register as a new customer.
  3. make sure that you have an Internet connection
  4. try to enter the PIN again. You may have mistyped it the first time.
  5. contact our team

How can I leave a message?
You are welcome to leave questions, wishes and suggestions. You have several possibilities:

  1. you can leave a message under the menu “About Pizblanc” by clicking on “Contact”.
  2. under “About Pizblanc” then press “Show More” you can view the phone number and e-mail addresses of the individual shops and contact us.

How can I express my opinion or give a rating?

  1. you can leave us a message (see previous question).
  2. you can rate us in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  3. you can also rate your purchases, if this function is available in the app, by clicking on “purchases” and answering short questions there via smiley.

Where can I see the opening hours of the stores?
In the app menu choose “About Pizblanc” click “Show More” and below the Website link you will find the opening hours.


Why should I activate messages/push messages?
Messages/Push messages are very important! Thanks to them you will receive your premium advantages directly on your smartphone. Only then you will know immediately when new vouchers, bonus etc. are available for you in the app. Therefore please activate the function “Allow messages” on your iPhone.


How do I get bonus and why do I have to show my app at the checkout?
As a holder of our customer card or as a member of our customer club, you collect bonuses with your purchases. All you have to do is show your app at the checkout. To do so, please open the menu item “Customer card” and the corresponding code. In the course of the year you will receive many bonus checks, which you can redeem with your next purchase.

How do I redeem a bonus ?
You can redeem your bonuses in our store. You use it at checkout to offset a purchase. Before doing so, go to the menu item “My bonus Coupons” in the app. Click on the text “Redeem” at the corresponding bonus check. Here you can view all the data of your bonus check. If you would like to redeem it at the checkout, click on the button “Redeem bonus check now”. You may have to scroll all the way down to the bottom. Show the code, which then opens in a new window, at the cashier. Our team will take care of everything else.


How do I redeem a voucher?
A voucher is redeemed in the same way as a bonus check. However, please note the terms and conditions that apply to each voucher. You will find these conditions on the voucher.

Why am I not shown any vouchers?

  1. make sure that you have an internet connection, otherwise your vouchers cannot be loaded.
  2. it is possible that you don’t have any vouchers at the moment. In this case you will get the message: “No coupons available at the moment!”


Does the app work without an internet connection?
When you open the app for the first time, a good Internet connection is recommended, as all data must be loaded from the online database. After that, some data will be stored in the cache of your smartphone so that it will be immediately available the next time you start the app. However, without an Internet connection, the app is of limited use. The following functions (if available in the app) are not or only partially available without an Internet connection:

  1. news cannot be displayed.
  2. new bonus checks, vouchers or purchases cannot be retrieved.
  3. purchases are not displayed.
  4. personal shopping function cannot be used
  5. stores are not displayed
  6. contact is not possible
  7. you cannot make any changes to your profile (password)

I get the message “No internet connection” in the app, although I have an internet connection. What should I do?

  1. make sure that your data volume is high enough or your internet connection is good enough.
  2. close the app completely and open it again.

What happens if the wireless connection is slow?
If the wireless connection is too slow, you can expect long loading times. Also the same problems can occur as with a missing internet connection (see above).